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Three Easy-to-Miss Signs That Your Lititz, PA Needs Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes it can be surprisingly easy to know when it’s time to do some carpet cleaning in your Lititz, PA home. Maybe you’re walking around your home barefoot and you accidentally step on something crunchy, squishy, or in worst case scenario, something squelchy (that’s when it’s squishy, but you can really hear it squish). Or maybe the carpet feels fine, but over the course of several years it’s started to resemble an amateur Pollock painting. Basically if you can feel it or see it, you’ll know that something should be done and you can call the carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up. But what about when the signs are a little less visceral?

Though it’s one of our primary senses, our sense of smell is often underappreciated when it comes to carpet cleaning issues. Carpet odor can be faint and pervasive, meaning that you may not be able to determine the exact source, but it can still be powerful enough to cause frustration. When the air smells funky, many homeowners turn to the kitchen sink or trash bins, but they might not consider dropping down and giving the carpet a whiff. If the air in your home is smelling a little off but you can’t quite place it, your carpets could probably use a good oldfashioned shampoo.

Another subtle indication that something might be awry in your shag is the presence of small wrinkles throughout the surface. These may not be confined to a single area and they could be indicative of a deeper issue. Sometimes when wrinkles start appearing, it means that something has soaked into the pad underneath the carpet and deformed it. If this is true, a good deep clean could set everything right again. But if the pads have become moldy or too degraded, it may be time to start looking for carpet replacements.

If there aren’t any wrinkles, carpet stains, or carpet odors, then you could be home free! That is, unless you’ve found yourself with a bit of a sneezing problem. The sneakiest indication that you’re in need of a carpet cleaning is unexplainable allergies. Watering eyes, a stuffy nose, fatigue, or headaches could all be caused by allergens that have come to roost in your rugs. That’s why it’s a great idea to request a full carpet cleaning before moving into a new home or apartment as well. A single visit from a cat six months ago could cause you trouble in the months ahead if the carpet is clinging on to dander.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above in your Lititz, PA home, contact ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment. It’s easy to forget about regular carpet care when the carpet hasn’t suffered from a recent encounter with red wine or an overexcited puppy, but carpet cleaning can clear up a wide variety of household problems, even if you can’t see them. Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up at 800.570.4206 or visit their website here for more information.