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Preparing for Tornado Season with Disaster Clean Up in Mind in Quarryville, PA

 Quarryville, PA isn’t particularly known for tornadoes the same way Kansas is, but the city does have more than 50 notable tornadoes on record throughout history. Now that winter is settling in, tornadoes are taking a back seat to winter storms and blizzards which means that any and all tornado prep can be conducted before the next tornado season starts up again. The disaster cleanup experts with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up want to remind all homeowners to have a tornado plan in place and to know who to call and where to go when the real-deal tornado season starts in the spring.

 Disaster restoration services can do a lot of good after natural disasters, but it’s always best to do everything you can to mitigate damages to yourself and your property before disaster strikes. One of the best steps you can take to prepare for tornado season is to identify the safest locations in your home and pinpoint any problem areas that could be at risk for damage during a storm. The safest location should, of course, be where you go in case a tornado touches down nearby. But, when it comes to disaster clean up, be sure to pay close attention to the problem areas as well. If you have windows and doors that don’t have much reinforcement, you may want to consider covers and shutters to prevent glass and debris from entering your home.

 Once your home is as ready as it can be, you may also want to consider creating a tornado pack. Disaster restoration services are effective at disaster clean up, but the process can take time depending upon the extent of the damage. Some disaster cleanup may only require the cleaning of minor debris, while other situations could call for significant home repair. Having a disaster kit, or a tornado pack, can help you feel ready for any type of aftermath. You may want to fill the kit with basic survival materials or even copies of important documents. The content of your kit should reflect what makes you feel most safe and secure in the event of an emergency.

 You may not be able to completely shield yourself from tornadoes, but there’s no reason you can’t be as ready as possible in case you end up within touch-down range in Quarryville, PA. If your home is impacted by a tornado and requires disaster clean up or extensive disaster restoration services, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up today at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here for more information.