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Getting a Jump on Spring with Upholstery Cleaning in New Holland, PA

Okay, admit it. You spent more time indoors than outdoors this winter in New Holland, PA, and at this rate it’s going to be another 1-to-2 months before the cold weather is really over.

Whether you want to blame a certain famous groundhog from farther upstate or not, the fact is that all that time indoors has taken a toll on your furnishings. Chances are your beloved upholstered items have suffered their share of food and beverage spills which have left distinctive stains and unwanted smells! No matter, it’s time to start planning your next move.

That means spring cleaning, and it also means calling in some extra help for a deep down, you-can-tell-it’s-clean-because-it’s-really-clean type of clean. Your nose will know, and so will your eyes after ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up of New Holland, PA, gives your furnishings some well-deserved love and attention!

The ServiceMaster team’s powerful clean includes important attention to those upholstery stains and accidents you may not even be able to see or remember anymore. It’s that hidden soiling, however, that can shorten the life of a great chair and make you wonder why a certain room just never smells quite right.

Don’t forget your carpets as you think of making sure every part of your room has received the right attention. Our cleanup crew knows how to remove deeply embedded dirt, and they’re able to find just the right combination to leave you with a deep down clean your family, friends, and even customers (should you be cleaning a business) will notice and appreciate.

Now’s the time to make plans for spring cleaning and schedule ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up’s upholstery cleaning crew to come in before the days turn nice and your attention is drawn to other things. We’re available 24 hours a day for your carpet or upholstery cleaning needs in the New Holland, York, and Lancaster County areas at (717) 299-2261.

If you’ve been thinking about upholstery cleaning for your home or business, act now while you’re thinking about it and do yourself, your family, or perhaps your customers a favor. Keep the number above in your phone and don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up for an estimate in New Holland, PA.