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Upholstery Cleaning VS. the Worst Possible Stains in Quarryville, PA

Upholstery is a strange mix of sturdy and vulnerable. It’s great for furnishings in your Quarryville, PA home, but when it comes in contact with foreign materials, it goes from excellent to aggravating in seconds flat. The upholstery cleaning professionals with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up know the secrets for getting even the worst stains out of your precious upholstery, but the following fabric offenders may prove to be too tough for the laymen homeowner.


Some of the worst upholstery stains come from the deep, dark dyes of coffee and wine. These are two of the most commonly discussed disasters in the world of upholstery cleaning for two reasons. First, they’re extremely popular drinks in many American households. Secondly, it’s because, true to their reputation, these stains can be a pain in the rear. Because they’re liquids they seep in fast, and because they’re vibrantly colored, they can stick around for a long time. Professional upholstery cleaners often get calls about these stains thanks to how quickly a brunch or dinner turns into a fabric disaster.


In the realm of food and drink, chocolate is a staining fiend that people new to upholstery cleaning may be surprised to see on this list. Thanks to chocolate’s sticky nature, it’s shockingly portable and surprisingly stealthy. Maybe a little chocolate ended up on your sleeve after desert, or perhaps your afternoon snack left residue on your fingers. Regardless of the avenue, when chocolate meets upholstery, the impact can be disastrous. Chocolate possessed a deadly combination of a distinctive color and oil. When working in tandem the two are a mess in the making.


And then there’s mud. Mud may seem like an obvious choice since the word “dirty” comes from the word “dirt,” but the dangers of mud in upholstery cleaning goes even deeper. Mud can contain all sorts of hidden threats beneath an innocent veneer of simple dirt such as oils, plant matter, and other forms of filth, which means it can be a deceptive threat that requires expert upholstery cleaning.


Instead of trying to avoid the above-mentioned staining offenders, turn to professional upholstery cleaners to keep your furnishings clean and smelling fresh. Upholstery cleaning can be tedious and frustrating thanks to the wide variety of substances that threatens delicate fibers. With the professional upholstery cleaning services provided by ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up you can live a life without fear of wine, coffee, chocolate, and mud in Quarryville, PA. Contact us today at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information.