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You Never Know When You’ll Need Water Damage Cleanup in New Holland, PA

As we’ve seen with the recent hurricane season, water damage comes in all shapes and storm sizes. It could be a crushing storm surge, strong winds, or even a large deluge. But we don’t have that to worry about any of that in New Holland, PA, right?

Not so fast. Last time we checked, even strong straight-line winds can do just as much damage as any tornado in the New Holland area. When a roof gets blown off, the rain that follows is going to create a mess that most home or business owners will likely not be able to handle on their own.

The same goes for the damage that can occur when a pipe bursts or a toilet breaks and causes a wave of water to turn a local library into a flood zone. There’s no question about the need for quick and thorough water cleanup and restoration of the damaged building.

Water damage cleanup is something that most of us don’t expect to be dealing with and usually don’t plan for. When you need it in New Holland, PA, however, you need ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up because we’re ready to step in and take charge with a proven plan to remove the water, dry up the moisture, ward off mold, and totally restore your home or business.

It never hurts to have an experienced friend in a time of need. Our ServiceMaster professionals have dealt with fire and water cleanup problems of all kinds and sizes, and they’re ready to provide a way forward when your world and property is suddenly turned upside down.

ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up in New Holland, PA is available 24 hours a day at (717) 299-2261. Keep that number handy, because we’re ready should disaster strike your home or business in the York and Lancaster County areas.