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Defending Against Water Damage in your Lititz, PA Dwelling

The rainy season is already underway in Lititz, PA, and for some unlucky homeowners, this may mean large amounts of water are spending just as much time inside your home as outside. Spring rain has a tendency to sneak up on homeowners and bring along many unexpected snags and complications for your property. Thanks to said issues, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up urges all homeowners to perform annual early-spring water damage mitigation checkups to make sure your home is spring-showers prepared, because ready or not, the rain will be with us for awhile!

The first bout of heavy rain after winter can often cause a deluge of water damage problems since your regular upkeep is often out of “practice.” For instance, the simple act of forgetting to clean out your gutters after the winter can lead to significant water damage and unexpected flooding. As innocuous as they appear, your gutters have a very important job to do, and if they’ve been filled with debris after a season of under-use…surprise! That water has nowhere to go but down and sometimes in. Water has the singular ability to get wherever you really don’t want it to be, and without the proper diversions, you’ll likely learn that firsthand.

Protecting your home from water damage doesn’t necessarily take a mountain of work to achieve. Many of the simplest water damage mitigation steps you can take on your own can be completed in a single afternoon. Clean those gutters, de-weed drainage sites, and keep a close eye on your water bill. Hidden water damage is just as destructive as the damage you can see, if not more so. If your water bill jumps up suddenly, it might be a sign there’s a hidden leak that needs quick attention.

And of course, watch the weather! Keep your windows, garage, and other doors closed against the rain. Keep your important documents above ground level and in a secure place, perhaps even at a separate location. And, most importantly, call for water damage mitigation assistance and advice before you desperately need it.

If your Lititz, PA home has been affected by water damage, or you’d like help preventing water damage in the future, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261, or visit our website here. When it comes to spring rain in Pennsylvania, there’s really no such thing as being too prepared!