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Months of “Wet” Mean You Could Need Water Damage Restoration in York, PA

The year 2018 went down as the wettest on record in York, PA, and it appears the new year is following that trend. From rain to snow, York, PA, is getting more than its share of what has been a series of storms, and this could increase the possibility that you might need water damage restoration.


The past several months have been a busy time for ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up as flooding woes brought on by a total of more than five feet of rain last year was more than enough to keep home and business owners watching the skies for trouble and looking for water damage restoration solutions.


So far, this winter is creating more headaches with heavy storms, accumulating snow, and freezing temperatures, which is a prescription for trouble. The trouble isn’t on a large scale, like a flood, but through problems that can only come with a winter that drags on and on.


Layers of snow can build up on roofs, and a little thawing can lead to the creation of ice dams. This is a sure pathway to more problems from above, like leaks and water damage. If a roof were to collapse from all the snow on it, you could imagine the resulting mess that would need to be to be dealt with. Also, when the temperature dips to below freezing, water freezes and nothing can be more stressful on pipes. If your pipes leak or break from the freezing temperatures, they can make for an urgency to clean up and dry out.


Be assured that your friends at ServiceMaster have seen it all before and are ready at any hour to assist with water damage restoration. We will quickly come up with a plan to remove the water and get things dried. Then some longer-term decisions can be made about damage and how to avoid further soggy surprises in the days or weeks ahead.


Don’t let a long winter and the threat of water damage make you worry. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up services is your first stop to swiftly deal with a water disaster, carpet cleaning, or commercial services at your business. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day for your water damage restoration and regular cleaning needs in York, PA. Just call (717) 299-2261 for more details.