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Late Winter Snow Storm Disaster Restoration in Lancaster, PA

We’re getting to that time of the year where winter can’t decide if it’s staying or going. The combination of warming weather and lingering ice can create all manner of hazards for Lancaster, PA, residents, the worst of which can be severe storms. Late winter storms can bring major wind and unexpected snow at a moment’s notice. Without the proper professionals on the case, you could be left dealing with some major home damage before spring even springs. The Disaster clean up experts with ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up can help you ensure that your home is back in perfect condition before the new season begins, even after a major winter incident.

Regardless of whether or not your home has made it the whole winter without any trouble isn’t necessarily hard proof that your roof is snow-proof. Sometimes the final snow of the season can be the last straw. Heavy snow can lead to caved in rooftops, stripped shingles, and other structural damage from just the sheer weight of the stuff. Even if the damage is localized to a specific part of your home, immediate disaster restoration is still vital as it prevents the damage from spreading further.

Disaster clean up can also be necessary if your home has sustained damage from winter winds. Broken windows, compromised siding, and damage from blown-over trees can all occur even when winter seems to be waving goodbye. Disaster restoration services can help you rebuild and even give you tips on staying wind-resistant in the future.

And finally, winter’s hallmark characteristic, cold, can be a potential disaster too. If your home is contending with ice and water inside, you may have foundation problems, insulation issues, or just poorly sealed windows and doors. If you’ve sustained damage from water or ice in this manner, disaster clean up specialists are the people to call.

If your Lancaster, PA, home has been in any way affected by late-winter disasters, contact the disaster clean up experts with ServiceMaster Fire and Water Clean Up at (717) 299-2261 or visit our website here for additional information. Disaster restoration exists for every season and even in-between. Don’t let a winter mishap damper your pre-spring enthusiasm.