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Winter’s Worst Can Lead to a Need for Water Damage Restoration in York, PA

Piles of snow, several feet deep. It’s been a winter for the record books in York, PA and beyond. But the worst part is it’s far from over; that means additional stress on you, some important things you depend on, and it could lead to your need for water damage restoration.

Frozen pipes are a real threat during the frigid days of winter. We’ve all heard about cases of frozen watermains this time of the year. Usually it’s something big at an airport or maybe deep under a city street. The resulting damage isn’t pretty, and you can only imagine the headaches if that should happen inside your home or business.

The same potential for misery holds true for heavy snowfall. Wet, heavy snow can place dangerous stresses on a structure. It can weaken a roof and cause a collapse, showering the interior of a home with an avalanche of snow and debris. An insidious form of water damage is caused by ice dams. An ice dam can force water to backup beneath the shingles of your roof. As this water seeps into your home it permeates and damages everything it contacts as it slowly and silently makes its way to the lowest portion of your home.

When water damages your home, you need an experienced friend for water damage restoration. Getting the water shut off and the leaks plugged is only a first step. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up has seen some of the worst water damage winter can create. We’re ready to offer you a plan to seal things up, dry your place out, and deal with the other issues that come with properly handling water damage restoration during the winter months.

Don’t battle the forces of nature alone. ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up in York, PA is available 24 hours a day at (717) 299-2261 should water damage restoration be required in the York and Lancaster County areas.