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Wrangling Recurring Mold in your Lancaster, PA home.

Mold has many nasty reputations as a health hazard and an unsightly annoyance, but perhaps its most heinous crime is that sometimes, even if you do everything right, it just keeps coming back. You may have bleached, scrubbed, and sprayed, but a month down the road things begin to look orange and fuzzy around the edges again. The sponges come out, the fans go on, and you spend a Saturday afternoon, one that could have been spent going to a park or eating out with friends, scrubbing gamely at your Lancaster, PA bathroom wall and wondering what you did to deserve this. Well, ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up wants you to know that you did nothing wrong, and recurring mold often needs a little extra kick in the rear to get it to pack up and leave for good.

The thing about recurring mold is that it often has a reason to reoccur. It could be a poorly ventilated bathroom, a hidden pipe leak, a deeper infestation, or in some cases, a string of rainy days and bad luck. Generally speaking, finding the source of your recurring mold problem is much more effective than just spot treating, but it can be difficult to do any finding if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The true problem could be that your solutions and sponges are only spraying and scrubbing the surface.

Sometimes it can feel a little silly to consider calling mold remediation experts about a little bit of fuzz on your bathroom wall. Recurring mold, no matter how small, may be the symptom of a deeper problem. Mold remediation is all about tailoring treatment to your specific situation. If there’s a bigger, moldier issue, we’ll be able to find it.

If your Lancaster, PA home is suffering from any amount of recurring mold, call the ServiceMaster Fire & Water Clean Up mold remediation team at 800.570.4206, or visit our website here for more information. Get the help your fuzzy house needs, and don’t let recurring mold ruin your Saturday afternoons anymore!